World energy consumption will be 47% greater in 2035 than it was in 2007. Clean energy technologies are needed as much as renewables to meet the demand.

We provide a forum through which manufacturers, engineers, academics and consultants can communicate effectively with policy-makers, developers, and investors.

We are committed to providing energy solutions for the world’s poorest communities. We are building a community of academic, governmental, non-governmental, grass-roots, entrepreneurial, and corporate stake-holders who are willing to engage social enterprise and social entrepreneurs while creating markets for sutainable clean energy in the most rapidly growing markets.

We Believe:

  • All stake-holders have a responsibility to add value in the pursuit of solutions.
  • Solutions to big and small issues, global and local needs, will require dialogue among all stake-holders.
  • Each forum will remove significant barriers to participation by stake-holders and especially to innovators and entrepreneurial thinkers.
  • Broad-based participation in the development of solutions will benefit all.

What We Do:

We host and sponsor Webinars and Web Panel Discussions, Business Networking Events, and provide Marketing Advice targeted at developing working relationships between for-profit and social enterprises around the world.