Water: abundant and inexpensive here in the US is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity globally. Water is a rapidly growing business that cannot escape its social role. We set the stage for all stakeholders to develop water development solutions. 

I Need Water Solutions is our commitment to applying what we know best: Internet Marketing and Business Development, to saving lives. We are using our skills to build a community of academic, governmental, non-governmental, grass-roots, entrepreneurial, and corporate stake-holders.

We Believe:

  • All stake-holders have a responsibility to add value in the pursuit of solutions.
  • Solutions to big and small issues, global and local needs, will require dialogue among all stake-holders.
  • This forum will remove significant barriers to participation by stake-holders and especially to innovators and entrepreneurial thinkers.
  • Broad-based participation in the development of solutions will benefit all.

What We Do:

We connect social entrepreneurs who are actively solving water problems fr the world’s poorest people with manufacturers of water technologies and developers in need of local contractors. We host webinars and make connections using social media, offering marketing guidance along the way.